Assay development services

DSCN Research offers biomarker assay development services.

DSCN Research supports assay development by distilling complex data into simple solutions. We turn data into usable and actionable information. To this end, we use existing tools whilst developing newer ones.

We analyse data, write assay specific scripts all in support of developing new and improved biomarker assays. This includes defining and developing methods as well as providing the documentation and training thereof.

In essence, we design assay-specific scripts to automate the full data generation and processing pipeline. We provide the service from quality control to normalization to data analysis. While we seek to automate our assays as much as possible, we tailor our workflow for each and every customer.

“Finding the appropriate assay is complex. Commercial assays may often not be available for a particular analyte of interest, a particular model system, or even a specific sample. With extensive experience in designing custom assays, we provide on-demand assay specific scripts.”

“DSCN Research delivers a good mix of computing and life sciences expertise”